What is Dhikr?

What is Dhikr?
Rabbi Zidnee Ilman
“My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.”

Dhikr, most simply is the remembrance of Allah SWT.   It encompasses all good deeds, that which carried out with the right intention is a form of Dhikr. It can include:

  • Practical Dhikr, performing one’s obedient actions;
    • Following Allah’s commandments, such as:
      • Salah
      • Zakat
      • Hajj etc
    • Acts of kindness


  • Sunnah, following Muhammad SAW actions;
    • Eating
    • Sleeping
    • Etiquette and manners etc


  • Verbal Dhikr, observed with one’s tongue;
    • Saying: Bismillah, Alhumdulillah
    • Greetings: As-salaamu-alaikum
    • Tasbih: Subhan Allah, Astaghfir’ullah, Allahu Akbar
    • Allah SWT’s names and attributes: invoking through supplications and dua
    • Quran recitation
    • Acquiring knowledge


  • Silent Dhikr, known as Dhikr of the heart
    • Performed within oneself: reflection, pondering and application of oneself
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